Towny wars


Hey folks, only just getting back into MC after a couple years off and I don't really understand how this Towny thing works, I'd appreciate any help you guys can give :)

For instance, are we permanently at war, do I have to become a town to claim land etc, I'm not sure how this server is going use that mod. I normally play a casual game so I just wanted to be sure what's OK.

Many thanks (y)


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So to start, welcome to Vanilla-MC and welcome back to MC!

In Towny you can make or join a town, these plots (chunks) will be claimed and protected from griefing and other nonsense. If you do /t in-game you will see a bit of information about your town. This will include, members, how many plots you can claim, what nation you're in, who's your assistance, etc.

For the Towny wars, we currently aren't running towny wars. But I will be posting a poll when we hit a consistent 10+ members online per day. Which I'm hoping will be soon. These wars will be done via admin commands only. They will be done during the month at a set time that'll be determined later. When I issue this command there'll be a roughly 30 to an hour time countdown. Within that time the players will be able to gear up, prepare their forced, etc. When the countdown ends, if any of the nations have declared another nation an enemy, then they will be able to attack towns associated with that nation. HOWEVER, they will not be able to attack towns that don't have X amount of people online. This means you can become immune to the wars by not being online during that time.

I'll be releasing more information about the Towny wars when the time comes for the staff, and me, to look into it deeper and begin configuring it on our test server.

I'll be releasing a statement on the announcements when we are going to begin testing, as well as a potential release date for the wars.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to @ me on discord or another staff member in-game or on discord.


Hey Zeno

Many thanks for the reply and going to the trouble of fleshing out the details and plans, this sounds like it will be great fun. I'm going to have to sit out for a while though as a few real-life bits are gonna eat up my time but I'll be sure to keep an eye on the server and hopefully get involved in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again,