Adding Spawners & Prices


Staff Member
Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce that we will now have a few new spawners added to the spawner shop! :D

These spawners include:

Ghast - 200k
Cow - 250k
Pig - 225k
Sheep - 250k
Chicken - 250k
Drowned - 250k
Creeper - 250k
Slime - 250k
Witch - 300k
Zombie Pigman - 300k
Enderman - 300k
Wither Skeleton - 400k
Guardian - 450k
Iron Golem - 750k

If you believe any of these prices should be changed (Lowered or Highered) please /mail send Zenomac, or DM me on discord or in-game when I'm online.

Thanks and have fun!