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Towny Spawn

Hello everyone!

Currently, we're working on reworking the majority of the network.

This included Towny which is now in the last few stages of the rework.

We're looking for the players to take a look at the spawn (later the shop) and give us your feedback! Let us know what you'd like changed (if anything)!

New servers!

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce that we will no longer be a purely Towny server!

After a bit of research and looking over a few options, we have decided to move to another host and try to expand the server.
We are planning on adding
  • Vanilla
  • Creative
  • Hardcore
Now, after saying that; which server should we work on first!?

(I will still be working on Towny but we will start building up the other server(s))

Adding Spawners & Prices

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce that we will now have a few new spawners added to the spawner shop! :D

These spawners include:

Ghast - 200k
Cow - 250k
Pig - 225k
Sheep - 250k
Chicken - 250k
Drowned - 250k
Creeper - 250k
Slime - 250k
Witch - 300k
Zombie Pigman - 300k
Enderman - 300k
Wither Skeleton - 400k
Guardian - 450k
Iron Golem - 750k

If you believe any of these prices should be changed (Lowered or Highered) please /mail send Zenomac, or DM me on discord or in-game when I'm online.

Thanks and have fun!

Donation Keys/Kits

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that I have finally gotten around to adding the crate keys to the donation rank's kits!

If you want to donate to the server you can @

Otherwise, if you /vote you have a slim chance of getting a rank!

Mob Spawning

Hello everyone!

I have fixed the number of mobs spawning on the server. Thanks to everyone who has stuck around although there has been a lot of mobs chasing you around, haha.


Update to Store!

Hey guys!

I have recently been notified that the Vanilla-MC store wouldn't accept credit/debit cards.

I have since changed this to allow for donations from debit/credit cards as well as PayPal.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

All donations directly support the server. No donations are pocketed.

Welcome to the Vanilla-MC Forums!


This is going to be our new forums page, we plan on improving the website over the next few months, and push it to its full potential! :D

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